ENGLISH-TEST.NET : This site contains English vocabulary words, verbal exercises, vocabulary tests and practice test for students studying for TOEFL exams.
ENGLISH GRAMMAR ONLINE : On this site you will find exercises, explanations and word list.
ONLINE WORD GAMES AT THE PROBLEM SITE : This site includes word games, vocabulary building exercises, quizzes and puzzles for English learners.
EST/ELT MICHIGAN : This site includes vocabulary exercises chapter by chapter
ESL-LOUNGE STUDENT : On this site you will find exercises about the part of the speech, phrasal verbs, idioms and confusing words for advanced learners.
AUTO-English : On this site you find the words according to their categories and exercises about these words for English learners. The exercises are available both interactive and printout.
VOCABULARY POWER : On this site you can find exercises about basic words, prefixes, suffixes, collocations, idioms, phrasal verbs and prepositions
CILL : This site includes exercises focusing on a variety of common vocabulary errors. It has dictionary, materials, strategies, testing, etc parts which can be useful for language learners.
E-FREEWAY : This site contains vocabulary exercises and online quizzes according to words categories such as sport, food, health, traffic signs, movie, travel, idiom, etc.
ELC Study Zone: This site consists of word categories such as furniture, clothes , animals, home appliances  etc. When you click one of these categories, you can do matching exercises and learn by hints.
Learning Vocabulary : This website includes various funny learning activities. You can learn many new words via word search, crosswords, quizzes, hangman, match game, jumble.
Smic: There are selections of vocabulary quizzes that can be done online in the site. Simply click the exercise of your choice, key in your answers and get your own personal feedback and score.
English Page : There are two main topics in this website: Advanced vocabulary lessons and holiday vocabulary lessons. When you click just one of the subtopics, you learn a number of new words about these subtopics.
Englisch-hilfen This site includes vocabulary exercises according to types. These exercises consist of fill-in, matching, listening, multiple choice, learning with pictures, word formation, scrambled letters, spelling, pronunciation, reading comprehension, paraphrasing etc.
Better-English : This site offers a great deal of business vocabulary. By doing exercises related to business vocabulary, you learn business English strong collocations, business idioms, business English multiword verbs, business expressions etc.
Vokabel : This website presents vocabulary training exercises. You can create your own test in English, German, Spanish and French. Besides there are word categories such as soccer, computers, weather, business vocabulary, etc. By clicking these categories, while learning, you can enjoy.
Vocabulary University : This site includes educational web activities. These learning activities are separated in to 3 levels of difficulty: New-High Elementary-Level 1/ New Junior High-Middle School-Level 2/ New-High School-College Prep-Level 3. Current exercises include: fill-in-the-blanks, definition match, synonym and antonym encounters, crosswords, word exercises. Also, the site gives suggestions on how to use Vocabulary.com
Vocabulary for Learners of English : This website is to help English language learners learn words effectively and enjoyably. There are vocabulary groups such as maths, science etc, quizzes and word levels such as easier words, harder words, more easy words.
UEFAP (Using English for Academic Purposes) : The aim of this site is to learn how to use English for academic purposes. It is a guide for students in higher education. By clicking this site, you learn how to select a word to learn, how to build a word, how to learn it, how to use a dictionary…
Gallaudet University : Common idioms, idioms of colour, American expressions and phrasal verbs exercises are found in this website. It will become very useful for you to learn and you can use these idioms in colloquial language.
a4esl : This website includes many activities for ESL students. These activities help you study English as a second language. Crossword puzzles for ESL students of different levels, bilingual vocabulary quizzes are found. While testing yourself you learn enjoyably.
ESLUS : This site is not complicated. It only presents vocabulary and idioms. When clicking one of them, you see the questions. Answer them and then evaluate yourself.
LCLARK : This site consists of two pages. By using this site, you can pass other related websites. It presents many alternatives for beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced students.
Englishclub.com : This website presents different vocabulary usages in British and American English, illustrated vocabulary, computer vocabulary, football vocabulary, Christmas vocabulary, practical vocabulary and top 20 words for each subject such as law, numbers air travel, etc. Besides, you find an online dictionary, English alphabet, English phonetic spelling, English idioms, phrasal verbs list, prepositions list, interjections list, regular verbs list, irregular verbs list, irregular adjectives, prefixes, contractions, informal contractions and figures of speech.
Fakeout! : This website is for kids. Fakeout is a game in which you choose a word and guess it definition. Also, you can write your own fake definition. Then, check how many people you deceive. While having fun you can learn easier.
Funbrain.com : This site includes games for kids. Funbrain shows you a picture. You click on the word that best describes the picture. Just choose a topic. You can find tons of activities for your toddlers, preschoolers, students etc.
Science Vocabulary Hangman : This site includes a hangman game which is arranged for teaching words used in science. The computer randomly picks a term used in science. Discover the words the computer has picked by guessing which letters are in it. Each incorrect guess you make causes the atom man to decay. Solve the puzzle before the atom man completely decays. 
Building a Better Vocabulary (grammar.ccc.commnet) : This site is for building a better vocabulary. First, there are explanations about how to organize a word, how to use a dictionary and internet. Secondly, there are quizzes. Lastly, evaluate yourself. J
Gerry’s Vocabulary Teacher: This site consists of vocabulary exercises for the academic word list.
Home Vocabulary : This website consists of grade level puzzles and word activities, thematic features. All of these parts include vocabulary exercises.
Madrid Teacher : This website includes vocabulary games, activities and exercises for beginners and elementary students of English.
 Shared Activities: This website consists of a sampling of activities in more than 100 categories.
 Vocabulary Games: This website offers vocabulary games in all grammar topics.
Syvum : This website includes vocabulary test activities on words related to History, Science and People.
 ESL Flow: This website consists of vocabulary lessons and activities, vocabulary teaching ideas for teacher and thematic/topical vocabulary banks.
 Surf Net Kids: This site is one of the best daily vocabulary site for kids, teachers and families, because it includes idioms of a day word game of a day, vocabulary for kids,
 Random House: This website includes quizzes to test students’ vocabulary power in an advanced level.
Home vocabulary : This web site  includes some word activities and puzzles to improve capacity of english word.
Ohio ESL : This web site has word activities, idioms in terms of levels such as basic, intermediate and advanced and also teaches vocabulary to build better vocabulary.
Super kids : This web site is a good way to improve your students’ or your own vocabulary in a funny way. You can reach some puzzles and games in the site.
Easy Vocabualry Quizzes With Pictures : This web site includes vocabulary quizzes with pictures under the headlines of nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives etc.
Skillwise : This web site divides vocabulary some parts such as childcare voc., eletrics voc., decorating voc. to help students what kind of word they look for.
Zozanga.com : This web site tells us the way of improwing our vocabulary and impressing the examiner in exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, CAE and it is for advanced students.
Activities for ESL Students : This ESL web site includes nouns (colors, days) verbs, adjectives etc. from easy stage to difficult. It has over 1,000 activities to help you study English as a second language.
About : This web site provides English vocabulary  for ESL EFL students, classes and teachers including learning lists, professional English, slang, jargon with quizzes, worksheets and lesson plans.
Vocabulary A-Z.com : This web site gives lessons  based on vocabulary strategies on line and equip the learners with all they require for the reading, writing and speaking activites.
Business English : This web site contains of idioms, some specific & fixed expressions, and also include many links about Business English lessons.
Quiz Hub : This web site is really colourful with games, quizzes and educational informations, at the same time it gives an opportunity to compete other members of the site.
Nonstop English : This web site is a kind of way for examing and imroving yourself in vocabulary with countless quizzes giving vocabulary topics to English learners.
Esl Gold : This web site contains several items such as learning strategies, teaching vocabulary, quizzes, textbook recommendations and links to help students.
Language center : This website presents  the strategies of learning vocabulary by describing the steps of basic, aim and types of vocabulary.
Vocabulary University : This is a website which includes free vocabulary puzzles to enhance vocabulary mastery.
SuperKids Educational Tools : It’s a site which includes a collection of easy-to-use, free educational resources, for home and school. There are worksheets, quizzez, games like hangman etc.
Vocabulary Word Lists : This is a collection of English vocabulary word lists with online activities that use these word lists.
Language guide :  Language Guide's mission is to develop free resources for learning languages and promote cultural understanding. The words are explained in groups to be found easily.
Fun Brain : This is a good site in teaching kids English. It contains free quizzes, games and more. The site has also been awarded previously for its works by some instutions.
BBC Learning English : In this part of the site you can find answers to many questions sent about the English language. There are also special features on areas of vocabulary and pronunciation.
ELC Study Zone : This site contains 200 vocabulary exercises in beginner or intermediate level.
Vocaboly : You can easily download and set up the programs which are about vocabulary by the help of this web site.
Quiz hub : It’s a web site which consists of  educational games, puzzles, and quizzes in every subject. You can be a member of this site.
Vocabulary Workshop : The primary areas in the site are: roots, prefixes, suffixes, and vocabulary. You can learn more about English vocabulary by exploring this website.
Geocities : The site includes common vocabulary mistakes and descriptive words to enhance your writing skills.
Fun Stuff : This site includes joyful games, flashcard that help you learn new words and wordlist from various conversations.
English Vocabulary Word Lists: This is a collection of English vocabulary word lists with online activities that use these word lists.
Learning Vocabulary : This web site offers some enjoyable activities such as word search, crosswords, quizzes, match games and etc. You have a chance to choose your level and the topic in accordance with your interests.
Vocabulary Quizzes : This web site includes self-study English vocabulary quizzes whose levels are changing from easy to difficult. Furthermore, it offers some activities for ESL students.
Vocabulary Activities : In this web site, there are grade level puzzles that are divided into three levels of grade abilities, word activities and thematic features with categories such as holidays, sports, elections, etc. to enhance vocabulary acquisition.
Englishpage : This web site offers some advanced vocabulary lessons that consist of definitions of the related words about a particular topic and also involves some holiday vocabulary lessons.
Ohio_ESL : It is the web site of Ohio University which is divided into five groups: vocabulary study, activities (for all levels), idioms, reference and vocabulary for special purposes.
Englishclub : This web site gives information about vocabulary - related topics by explaining and giving examples about them. Morover, it includes definitions of the words related to a particular topic and offers some practical vocabulary.
English Vocabulary Builder : This web site offers business vocabulary, vocabulary for all levels, vocabulary lesson plans and quizzes.
The Internet TESL Journal : There are some useful links about vocabulary - related topics in this site.
World-English : This web site includes vocabulary reference, vocabulary activities and tests.
Esldesk-Vocabulary : In this web site, you can find information about English pronouns / adjectives, most common English words, misspelled / challenging or advanced words, irregular verbs/ nouns.
English Learner : This web site offers tests and exercises for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners.
Beginner-Elemantary Vocabulary : In this web site,there are vocabulary games, activities and exercises for beginners and elementary students of English.Furthermore, there are some worksheets about some of the topics.
Teaching Vocabulary with Games : You can find activities most of which are card games that can be used with a whole class, a small group, or by individual students in the site.
Business English Vocabulary : This web site not only offers exercises about business English vocabulary, but also involves online multiple choice tests about any topic that you want to test yourself related to vocabulary.
Vocabulary Exercises : This web site includes vocabulary exercises that are listed according to difficulty, topic and type.
Online Exercises : On this web page you will find a selection of vocabulary quizzes that can be done online.
Vocabulary for Learners of English : This web site is designed to help English language learners learn words effectively and enjoyably. There are categories changing from easier to harder and different subjects. Moreover, it gives you a chance to learn vocabulary through games.
Information about Vocabulary : In this web site, you can find information about teaching ideas for ESL teachers, vocabulary banks, ESL vocabulary lessons/activities, vocabulary word maps for learning and remembering, vocabulary games, collocations and vocabulary notebooks for English language students.
Easy Vocabulary Activities : It consists of game-like activities for beginners who are expected to find the spelling of any word by the help of pictures.
BBC-Vocabulary : This web site gives information about the vocabulary of news reporting and also you can find information about science/ football/ tennis vocabulary and phrasal verbs. Furthermore, to keep your English up to date, it presents the meanings and usages of 26 new English words and expressions.
Lingo zone: It is a place to learn languages and meet people from all over the world. It is a tool that creates word lists and manages them, language exchange penpals, online vocabulary, word games…
Sheppard Software: This web site is designed educational software and online games with these goals: 1) To add sound and visual effects to make learning fun and more memorable. 2) To design games with many difficulty levels so that players will continue to be challenged no matter how far they progress. 3) To provide games that will exercise players' brains.
Learn-english-vocabulary: It helps you learn how English vocabulary words communicate ideas on this free English as a second language vocabulary site.
Fake out: Choose a word and try to guess its definition. In this web site words are grouped by age and ability levels.
Stone fox: In this web site there is a variety of online and printable vocabulary activities for Stone Fox. The matching and cloze activities do not work using Netscape. ...
Word central: It offers interactive word games in addition to a student dictionary and Daily Buzzword feature.
Non-Stop English: Here, you can test your English grammar and vocabulary with on-line exercises. The tests are intended to practice English vocabulary and grammar not only to test your English but to have fun while using the internet and educating yourself using the internet. It is created to be not only useful but enjoyable.
Expert Rating: Expert Rating is an ISO 9001:2000 company that offers hundreds of popular certifications suitable for students, professionals, job seekers and companies. Here also there are vocabulary exercises, but this web site is not free.
Vocabulary Enhancer: It is a FREE tool to help you build your vocabulary.  Whether you are studying for the GRE, SAT, ACT, GMAT, TOEFL, ESL or just building your daily vocabulary, this tool is excellent for maintaining your vocabulary.
Many Things: This web site requires Flash 6 (or newer). It includes words selected for students studying English as a second language.
Literacy Access Online: This is a neat site that helps you with vocabulary. You can choose a word from a story you are reading online and get a definition.
Florida International University: The vocabulary provided by the Everglades Online Thesaurus expresses each relevant concept using a single ‘preferred term’, whereas in natural language many terms may exist to express that same concept. In this way, the Thesaurus offers the possibility of standardizing the terminology used to describe Everglades-related information — an important factor in predictable and successful resource discovery.
Super Kids Vocabulary Builders: A site for teachers to improve their students’ vocabulary with exercises and funny games.
Ed Helper: This site allows teachers to create tests, crossword puzzles, and worksheets.
Vocabulary in Beginning Reading: A site about reading, teaching and assessing vocabularies to students.
English study direct: This site includes three levels of vocabulary knowledge and useful exercises for english learners about this skill.
Lery Ferlazzo: This site is full of vocabulary different exercises and also contains sources about other skills.
Vocabulary power: Necessary vocabulary for English learners about idioms, collocations, phrasal verbs and so on …
Dave’s esl cafe: This site offers you link about Vocabulary exercises for intermediate and advanced English learners.
Hallowen resources for teachers: There is Language activities for learners like games, quizzes and so on.
English online: There are different types of  esl learners about vocabulary and offers you a lot of exercises on this subject.
Vocabulary A-Z: This site is a perfect tool to improve vocabulary and useful features about learning vocabulary with online sources.                       
Sentences for vocabulary: This site contains vocabulary sentences to learn new words effectively in context.          
English club: This site offers you vocabulary awareness for different occasions.
Self-Study English: This web site includes vocabulary exercises in various topics with different levels such as easy, easy to medium, medium, medium to difficult, difficult; in addition to vocabulary exercises, it consists of spelling quizzes.
Database Vocabulary Games: This web site composes of different games related with vocabularies in different topics, and this page is both informative and entertaining.
Vocabulary University: From this web site you can receive 140 different lists of thematic words, learning activities separated into 3 levels of difficulties, and 180 words chosen from professional test prep organizations.
Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun: This is a vocabulary oriented site the aim of which is teaching some words by the helps of some games such as word-search, crossword, hangman, match games, and some quizzes.
Teaching English(BBC): By the help of this web site you can find practical activities to help students with vocabulary learning and you can download some quizzes related with not only vocabulary but also grammar, pronunciation, and prepositions.
 Syndicate Home Vocabulary: This page is designed  to help teachers and students of all level refine and supplement their vocabulary mastery by the help of fun and games with different level.
Activities for ESL Students: This web site includes vocabulary exercises both in different levels and in different forms such as adjective, noun, and verb forms. Other than vocabulary, you can find some activities for improving English such as  grammar and dictionary.
The Teacher’s Desk: This web site is especially beneficial for teachers because activities in this section are card games that can be used with a whole class, a small group, or by individual students.
Vocabulary Test Activities: You can find multiple choice word activities on different themes
(history, science or people) for each test activities in this web site.
Business English Vocabulary Exercises: If you want to improve your word knowledge by the help of multiple choice questions, you can visit this web site; because there are many multiple choice questions in assorted topics and some structural vocabulary exercises in this web site.
200 Vocabulary Exercises: This web site comprise 200 vocabulary exercises with different topics such as clothes, animals, furniture etc., and this exercises are supported by pictures; however, you do not have the chance of choosing the levels of activities.
Learning English Online: This is a wide overall web site because the users of this web site can find vocabulary exercises according to type British American English, confusing words,  crossword puzzles, fill-in exercises, find the pairs, hangman, puzzles, matching, and multiple choice with various levels.
English Page: This web site includes not only exercises related with vocabulary but also advanced vocabulary lessons; in other words, firstly the definitions of words are given later some exercises related with this word are attached.
Nonstop English: The visitors of this web site can reach vocabulary exercises with different types such as matching, filling in the  blanks, and  correcting the mistakes, also they can choose the level  of exercises.
Online Exercises: On this page you can find a selection of vocabulary quizzes with various levels that can be done online simply by clicking the exercise of your choice, key in your answers and get your own personal feedback and score.
Linguarama: In this web site, you can choose some issues which you want to read such as technology, personnel, marketing etc., and then you are given exercises related with this issues with different kinds like “fill in the blanks” and “multiple choice”.
English Works: This is not a comprehensive web site because the level and topics of the exercises are limited and cannot be identified by users of this web site, however, the exercises related with idioms and common expressions can be beneficial.
Vocabulary Exercises for The Academic Word List: This site contains gap-fill exercises to review and recycle the general word families contained within the academic word lists; moreover, the visitors of the page are encourage to complete the exercises for a given level before proceeding the next level.
Free English Lessons:  If you need exercises which includes choosing the words that means the same as the given word, you can visit this web site because all the exercises in this site are this type, unfortunately you cannot choose the level of exercises.
4U Online English: This web site includes some activities and word list according to different issues in beginner level, and these activities are made funny by the help of some pictures.
World-English: This page composes of English language activities, exercises, and tests with different levels and these activities are separated into groups according to some problematic issues such as idioms, phrases, misspelt words, and English slang etc.
A Word A Day:This site mails out a vocabulary word and its definition to subscribers-free every day.  The words are often organized into a theme for the week, and there is usually additional commentary. Online each day, today's and yesterday's word can be checked out by the reader.
English Club Games Room: The Games Room classifies its vocabulary games into three groups including Hangman, Crosswords, and Miscellaneous Vocabulary Games. Within these three categories, games are further classified by topics such as animals, business, air travel, food, jobs, sports, money, and computer jargon.
Activities for ESL Students: For the help of this site you can reach over 1,000 activities to help you study English as a Second Language, and you can choose the difficulty degree according to your level.
English Forum: Visiting this site is a good way  to practice vocabulary and idioms because you can find different levels of open–close  and multiple choice questions and there is some self study quizzes related with idioms, phrasal words, slang, and scrambled words.
Toon in to idioms: This is a very attractive and useful site in which you are given an idiom along with an illustration and a sample dialogue which you can listen to if your computer has speakers, and you can take an idiom test and a voice will tell you if you are right or wrong. 
Vocabulary Games: This page has a wealth of different kinds of games to increase your vocabulary including Hangman and Speed Words.
Polyu Vocabulary: This site covers extensive vocabulary exercises which are enliven with different vocabulary games, and these exercises are categorized according to various topics such as academic, mortgage, genetic engineering vocabulary and collocation.
Educational sitimulation and fun : thanks to this site we can learn vocabulary with puzzles and word activities in a funny way.
Business English vocabulary exercises : This site contains vocabulary in many fields especially in business.
Vocabulary training exercises : With the help of this site we can learn vocabulary especially in many areas.
Vocaboly : This site is a vocabulary builder software for SAT, GRE, TOEFL, GMAT and general vocabulary.
English as second language : This site help for Esl Efl students, classes and teachers including learning lists, Professional English, jargon, slang with quizzes, worksheets and lesson plans.
Science vocabulary hangman : With the help of this site we can learn scientific words, terms and vocabulary while playing a game of hangman!
Building a better vocabulary : This site contains techniques, tricks and word exercises.
Everyday vocabulary anagrams : We can learn vocabulary by means of anagrams in this web site.
Controlled vocabulary : This site can be useful in describing images and information when organizing and classifying content for electronic databases.
Vocabulary games : This site is especially for kids to improve their vocabulary using sentence context to choose the correct meaning.
ONLINE VOCABULARY: In this site there are vocabulary quizzes which are about different subjects and learners can have their scores and personal feedbacks easily. Levels of exercises are marked by stars.
ENGLISH-TURKISH VOCABULARY QUIZZES: This site has quizzes for beginners whose mother tongue is Turkish. Quizzes are about different topics which are fundamental for learners.
VOCABULARY QUIZZES: There are quizzes about different topics which are prepared for three levels in this site.
PUZZLE: In this site you can find quizzes about common words and another topics for three levels which are very enjoyable.
VOCABULARY FOR LEARNERS: This site helps learners to learn new words about different topics which are leveled as hard and easy with lots of quizzes.
HANGMAN: This game is an enjoyable way of guessing words and it certainly helps learners to improve their vocabulary without getting bored.
QUIZ WORLD: There are quizzes for two levels about 16 topic in this site.You can choose the number of questions and duration. This quizzes are useful for learners to test their knowledge on vocabulary.
MATCH GAME: This is a very enjoyable game   for beginners with pronunciations and pictures of the words. Learners can learn new words by matching cards.There are different and complicated games also.
LIBRARY QUIZZES: There are quizzes about confusing words, common idiomatic, prepositional, body phrases, business vocabulary, people, colloquial pairs. phrasal word, word combinations in this site.
VOCABULARY: This site has pictures and words, dictionary, hangman and word games sections which are useful for learner of English.
ENGLISH VOCABULARY: In this site there are basic verbs, top adverbs, prepositions, phrasal words, YDS words, adjectives, antonyms, compound words, synonyms, prefixes, suffixes and vocabulary quizzes sections which are certainly important for learners.
VOCABULARY OF ENGLISH: This site has two main sections which are termed as basics and other themes. Learners can find information about different topics.
VOCABULARY EXERCISES: In this site learners can find exercises in each types (multiple choice, filling blanks, paraphrasing, quizzes, puzzles).These various exercises
can provide learners information and quizzes to test themselves.
Resources for language learners: Website provides vocabulary for language learners. You can find English-French, German-English etc.
Language guide: The website provides vocabulary with their pronunciations. It gives words in an arranged way.
Computer Vocabulary: Website provides some useful computer jargon used worldwide.
Puzzles: Website provides hundreds of puzzles for learning language. It is a useful website for vocabulary learning.
Vocabulary for children: The website aims teaching vocabulary through games. Children and their teacher may use it freely.
Vocabulary quizzes: The website provides its user quizzes for intermediate or lower learners. Advanced user may also use website to find specific names of specific area.
English Simulator: This is a useful website for advanced learners. Learners can find some pushing games on vocabulary. It provides stems of words and makes you guess the whole word.
Business vocabulary: The website is perfect for the ones who interested in business English. The website provides not only vocabulary but also grammar exercises.
Vocabulary exercises: The website is for learning French, German and Spanish by giving words to translate. You can take a pop quiz in French, German, or Spanish, similar to working with flash cards. You can also quiz yourself in specialized subjects.
Ohio: In the website, you can find vocabulary studies, activities, idioms, vocabulary for special purposes. It is very comprehensible and useful especially vocabulary for special purpose part.
English page: The website provides its users lists of words and exercises on these words.
English club: As it in grammar and other language skills, English Club serves its users as a vocabulary source. It gives useful hints for learners.
Many things: The website provides vocabulary exercises for all levels. You may study first and then play games or directly play games and check your level.
Fun brain: This website is designed for children to learn vocabulary. The words are depicted so that it becomes easy to comprehend the word and its meaning.
BBC: BBC provides its users with vocabulary exercises and methods to teach them to the aimed group.
Jefferson Lab.: It is one of the best websites on vocabulary. It has real life games in it like “who wants 5000 ytl?”  It is funny to study vocabulary with them.
Quizhub: The website provides some quizzes for vocabulary exercises.
Edhelper: The website provides vocabulary exercises for different levels.
Building better vocabulary: The website firstly mentions about vocabulary learning techniques then provides quizzes.
Vocaboly: The website is a good source for vocabulary tests. Learner may find a test for her/his level.
Vocabulary University : Vocabulary University participants learn English vocabulary in context (grades 5-12) with free word puzzles. Thematic word games and creative activities.
Activities for ESL Students : Study English with Quizzes, Crossword Puzzles and other activities for students of English as a second language.
Vokabel : Take a pop quiz in French, German, or Spanish, similar to working with flash cards. You can also quiz yourself in specialized subjects.
Ohio ESL: ESL Independent Study Lab - Vocabulary (sorted by level) ... English Vocabulary Quizzes (mostly based on Voice of America's list of 'Special English') ...
ENGLISH PAGE - English Vocabulary : Free English vocabulary tutorial online. Excellent resource for ESL / EFL students and teachers.
ESL Learning Centre : English Vocabulary Awareness for EFL/ESL Students.
ESL : Vocabulary : Part of the most comprehensive and best-maintained list of links for students and teachers of English as a second language.
BBC : BBC Skillswise enables adults to improve reading, writing and number skills. Level one literacy and numeracy resources - worksheets, quizzes, ...
ESL Gold : Words and Phrases · Textbook Recommendations · Quick Links · Quizzes · Learning Strategies · Teaching Vocabulary · Low Beginning · High Beginning ...
Geocities: Vocabulary "Use a variety of words choices to make your writing interesting. " Common Vocabulary Mistakes. Using the wrong word.
Vocabulary of Alliteration by MVVM
Vocabulary of alliteration, a new aid in writing poems and songs
Southampton : When taking the TOEFL* (Test of English as a Foreign Language), it is helpful to know some of these origins or "roots" of English vocabulary. Also the site includes the vocabulary exercises.
zdaily : Daily Vocabulary Quiz - three new, often challenging, words every day to test your knowledge of the meanings of words.
Web English Teacher : Ideas for teaching vocabulary, K-12. ... These pages focus on vocabulary instruction. Other pages dealing with word study are Words at Play, Etymology, ...
Vocabulary A-Z : An online vocabulary list builder that allows you to customize vocabulary lesson plans and vocabulary worksheets using thousands of vocabulary words.
ESL Flow : ESL flow's guide for teaching ESL vocabulary, spelling and meaning.
Langintro : When you click on words in this vocabulary section, the sound control ... We also have the following vocabulary sections, which do not have sound enabled…
Vocabulary Training Exercises : This web site provides students exercises in
English, German and Spanish. You have chance to create your own test.
Business english vocabulary exercises : This is a collection of English vocabulary word lists with online activities that use some word lists.
 Vocabulary Builder : English vocabulary reference sheets covering basic required vocabulary such as the top 1000 words to advanced vocabulary topics such as core business English vocabulary sheets.
Vocabulary Guide : This web site provides exercises in English Vocabulary. There are many groups of words in different categories.
Online Vocabulary Exercises : In this web site you can find a selection of vocabulary quizzes that can be done online.
Vocabulary Learner : This web site contains several items to help you improve your level of vocabulary like quizzes, learning strategies at all levels.
English Vocabulary : This web site contains ideas for improving your vocabulary, suffixes to know, vocabulary exercises and vocabulary links.
Vocabulary Activities : Includes wordshare, wordshop, online games that can help learning words. Vocabulary games, activities and exercises for beginners and elementary students of English exist in this site.
EAP Vocabulary: At this web site, there are a lot of vocabulary exercises about academic topics and all words thus are academic.
DRAG’N’DROP: This site involves vocabulary matching quizzes and they are intended to be used together with the dictionary.
DRAG’N’DROP 2: This site includes vocabulary matching quizzes but this time they have pictures and sound.
MATRIX: This site is a fun study site for learners of English as a second language and it includes a great variety of games, exercises, quizzes and all for you.
MEDIA LAB.: At this site, you can study in the form of quizzes or vocabulary-based videos about different subjects.
OHIO: At this site, you can study vocabulary, do exercises, play games, look for idioms and more about improving your vocabulary.
EFL: This site includes picture vocabulary and advanced vocabulary exercises and also some vocabulary links about TOEFL.
NON STOP:At this site, there are so many actions and exercises about general vocabulary.
LINGUARAMA: This site includes gap-fill exercises about a lot of different themes.
ENGLISH WORKS!:At this site, there are ideas for improving your vocabulary, suffixes to know, vocabulary exercises and some vocabulary links.

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