Olcay Sert


Olcay Sert works as a senior lecturer in the School of Education, Culture and Communication at Mälardalen University, Sweden. He is the editor of Classroom Discourse (Routledge,T&F) and is the author of Social Interaction and L2 Classroom Discourse (Edinburgh University Press), which was shortlisted for the BAAL Book Prize in 2016 and became a finalist for the AAAL first book award in 2017. His research deals with classroom discourse, second language talk, and language teacher education.


I am happy to supervise MA and PhD students whose research topics match my own research interests listed below:

* CA-for-SLA
* L2 classroom interaction and learning/teaching practices
* Discursive approaches to language teacher education
* L2 talk and the employment of epistemic, multilingual, and multimodal resources
* Oral proficiency assessment
* Computer mediated spoken interaction in L2

Although my main research methodology is conversation analysis, I will also be happy to supervise those students who want to carry out corpus linguistic investigations into L2 use.

PhD Supervision (Completed):

1. Ufuk Balaman, June 2016: A Conversation Analytic Study on the Development of Interactional Competence in English in an Online Task-Oriented Environment

Ufuk Balaman's PhD project has received the best PhD presentation award at the 17th International CALL Conference in 2015. The full text can be downloaded in pdf format

2. Gökhan Kaya, May 2017: A Conversation Analytic Investigation into Teacher-Student Interaction and Student Participation in Inquiry Based Science Classrooms (co-supervised with Dr. Gültekin Çakmakçı)

3. Derya Duran, September 2017: Student-initiated questions in English as a medium of instruction classrooms in a Turkish higher education setting

MA Supervision (Completed):

1. Merve Bozbıyık, June 2017: The Implementation of VEO in an English Language Education Context: A Focus on Teacher Questioning Practices (co-supervised with Dr. Kadriye Akpınar)

2. Betül Çimenli, September 2017: Rolling the ball back: Topic maintenance in computer mediated English as a lingua franca interactions

3. Merve Hırçın Çoban, September 2017: Resolving interactional troubles in paired oral proficiency assessment in an English as a foreign language context

4. Emel Tozlu Kılıç, September 2017: Reformulations in multi-party interactions in English as a foreign language in a Turkish higher education context